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Our Story

On August 15, 2019, Ja'Nasia's life took an unexpected turn. A normal day filled with excitement about her transition to adulthood, dreams of college, and embracing new experiences, was shattered by a devastating accident. Despite being responsible and licensed to drive, she was involved in a collision that resulted in her car flipping multiple times, hitting a utility pole and a tree.


The accident left Ja'Nasia in critical condition and rushed to the hospital. My husband and I were notified by a police officer and arrived at the scene to witness the wreckage. The neurosurgeon later explained that her brain had swelling, particularly on the right side. Initially, the prognosis was grim, with the doctor indicating that she might not survive.


As the days passed, with the Grace of God, miraculously, Ja'Nasia started showing signs of improvement. After ten days in ICU, she underwent surgery to reduce the brain swelling. The procedure involved removing a part of her right frontal bone to create space for the swelling. Throughout this ordeal, my husband and I clung to faith and hope.


Following her time in ICU, Ja'Nasia was taken off the ventilator on August 31, and she stayed in the hospital until September 12. From there, she began her journey to recovery by entering a rehabilitation program in Richmond, VA. This marked the start of our "new normal," and a long road to recovery. I became her full-time caretaker, leaving my job to focus entirely on Ja'Nasia's recovery.


In January 2020, she underwent another surgery to replace her right frontal bone flap. With each passing day, Ja'Nasia continues to show improvement, defying the odds and inspiring everyone around her. This has been devastating and challenging journey, but our faith in God continues to guide us to help other.

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