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Our Story

Our Story began on August 15, 2019. It was a normal day no different from any other. Ja'Nasia made plans with friends to visit the nearby shopping mall later that day. She had recently graduated from high school and was extremely excited to enter into a new phase of life. The phase teenagers dream of! The thought of entering adulthood, forming new relationships, leaving the nest and going to college, adopting the latest fads, styles and just really coming into their own. She had high hopes for her future. I was excited to see my baby girl grow up and begin the path of reaching her wildest dreams! That would all be altered in a way we never thought could be possible on that cloudy, rainy day. I allowed her to use the car as I often did. She was licensed and had previously shown she was responsible behind the wheel. Ja'Nasia left the house that evening to enjoy what was suppose to be a fun time shopping and hanging with friends..

Before she left, she kissed me and told me she loved me and I went about my daily chores. What seemed like minutes later....I got the call that any mother dreads. It was a police officer informing me that there had been an accident. I rushed out of the house to the scene. When I arrived, She had already been taken to the hospital by ambulance. The sight of the car moved me to tears. I was told that she was cut off by another car. As a result, the car was flipped twice, hit a utility pole and a tree. . .  I arrived to the ER and was escorted  back to where my daughter was, There she lay in the hospital bed on a ventilator in ICU! My husband and I waited to speak with the trauma team and neurosurgeon. During the conversation with the neurosurgeon he stated that our daughter wasn’t going to make it. She had swelling on the right side of her brain. Throughout the night she was being monitored and at some point she started to improve (we know it was GOD )  Friday Morning we were introduced with the decision to allow doctors to perform surgery to reduce the swelling on her brain. He explained that he would remove her right frontal bone flap to allow the swelling to have room to move. We quickly agreed! She was in ICU for 10 days.  Ja’Nasia was removed from the ventilator on the 31st of August. She remained  in the hospital until September 12, 2019. From there, she was transported to Richmond , VA for rehab. She remained in rehab for three weeks and returned home to begin "OUR NEW NORMAL" AND A LONG ROAD TO RECOVERY! Since returning home, She has had surgery to have her right frontal bone flap replaced in January 2020. I am her full-time caretaker. I had to leave the workforce altogether; however, I wouldn't have it any other way as my daughter's improvement is my main objective! She is improving each day. This is a long journey for us. We continue to let GOD lead the way.   


Donations will allow us to travel to speaking events, give money to families needing tools and resources to ease the burden, Provide self-care packages such as massages, gift certificates, pedicures, etc. for moms like myself who are full-time caregivers, assist with medical bills, hotel stays for travel to specialty hospitals out of state, assistance with meals, physical therapy that isn't covered by insurance as well as help us secure The Nasia Foundation's home for TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) survivors which will be a long-term care home for TBI teens and young adults (ages 13 to 25) who cannot be cared for at home.  Thank you in advance for joining forces to help us maneuver through the challenge we face while also supporting others 

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