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What we offer


  • TBI Education

  • TBI Advocacy 

  • Resource Outreach



  • Annual Brain Injury Walk

  • Quarterly Seminars

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Grievance Support

  • Prevention Awareness

  • TBI & Mental Health Workshops

Group Meeting

But Now I See

(For TBI Survivors)

Group therapy program that assists with social and communication rebuilding skills

Businesswoman in Office

Project Soar

(For Caregivers of TBI Warriors)

8-week coaching program and support group with accompanying project soar workbook to help Caregivers go from a place of surviving to thriving while managing things of hopelessness.

Gift Box

Butterfly Box

Delivering Joy & Care to Survivors and Caregivers

We personally interview each family to assess their individual needs, and deliver a bit of joy each month. 

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